Introducing Mosaic Blockchain

We are pleased to announce that the launch of the dedicated Mosaic blockchain is a major milestone in Mosaic’s roadmap. After carefully evaluating various blockchain technologies, we chose Polkadot’s state-of-the-art Substrate framework to build upon.

Entering the Polkadot ecosystem unlocks the full potential of our vision. Advantages for our community and development are many, here are a few examples:

✅A much more robust and secure DeFi platform running on its own blockchain
✅A built-in trustless token transfer messaging system across blockchains
✅An effective on-chain governance mechanism as a DAO
✅A care-free scalability and upgradability solution
✅An easier development environment
✅A better user experience

A more in-depth description of what Polkadot’s technology offers to Mosaic:

We will have a unqiue and performant consensus mechanism and inherit all the great features of Polkadot, such as forkless runtime upgrades, module-based architecture, on-chain governance, secure interoperability, outstanding scalability.

Mosaic’s services, such as the unique Token Basket, are also affected by this major technology shift. With these changes Mosaic aims to leverage the advanced features of Polkadot and ensuring a more efficient and seamless experience for users.

Our goal is simple: make DeFi and cross-chain transactions simple for the masses.

Thank you for being part of this exciting journey!🙏

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