Fee Structure

Buy Fee

The Buy fee is a one-time payment that is charged when a Token Basket is purchased. (max. 5 %)

Trailing Fee

The trailing fee is a system maintenance fee that is charged regularly. (max 5% / year)

Performance Fee

Users pay a commission after their investment returns. Only charged when a basket hits an all-time high price. (max 25%)

*The above-mentioned fees are determined by the Token Basket Managers upon basket creation.
The different token baskets can have different fees.

About Our

Affiliate System

We designed our affiliate system to give back to the community. Invite your friends and earn a commission after their activity.

There are different ranks in our affiliate system. The higher ranks mean fewer platform fees and more earnable rewards. Affiliates can earn a commission from the platform.

Users who join via a referral link are automatically counted as the referrer’s invitee after their first purchase (maximum two-level depth). Users who join without a referrer are placed automatically in the affiliate system by the Affiliate Booster.  



Booster System

Users can participate in the affiliate system by purchasing affiliate tickets with Kodexa tokens. Those, who join the platform without a referral link, will automatically be placed in the affiliate booster system among those who have affiliate tickets. The more tickets a user has, the more likely to gain new affiliates.

There are different epochs in the affiliate booster system. In one epoch, 100 new affiliates will be assigned to the members of the affiliate booster system. When the epoch reaches its limit, a new epoch starts where users have to buy new tickets to participate. 

How To

Level Up

Users can level up their affiliate ranks by completing different tasks.

There are six ranks available on the Mosaic Alpha Platform, and your rank increases based on the following criteria:

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