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Mosaic Alpha is a decentralized crypto platform with which you can invest in the most popular NFT, Metaverse, Defi, or Green Economy projects in minutes with our Token Baskets managed by professionals.

Users can use the Mosaic Alpha platform anonymously using their own crypto wallet. With its complex smart contract structure, the platform implements the mechanism of a token-based crypto-asset basket running on the blockchain, a unique form of investment in the crypto world. Users of the Mosaic platform will be assisted by a selected team of well-known crypto traders in making their decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

Users can take part in crypto investments with the help of some selected professionals. The blockchain based platform operations ensures safety and transparency.

Mosaic Alpha users can invest in Token Baskets containing market-leading coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, and more. Mosaic Alpha only allows carefully selected whitelisted cryptos to operate on the platform.

The Mosaic Alpha platform’s estimated launch is in December. Stay tuned and follow our social media platforms for further information.

The risk and safety is not different from investing any other capital assets like shares, company bonds and other similar equities. The rules are also the same, who can take more risk, can earn more. To ensure the required safety and risk taking, the token baskets will be sorted by risk and the token baskets will contain only whitelisted coins. You will not find here "shit coins".

There are two roles for users to join. 

As an Investor, you can buy from the token baskets assembled by Token Basket Managers on the platform, in this way you can follow the investment strategies of the pro’s. 

As a Token Basket Manager (after selection and contracting) you can create and manage token baskets on the platform.

Mosaic Alpha operates on the Binance Smart Chain, which comes with low transaction fees.

If you only want to see the token baskets, their performances and trends, yes, it is free.

When you invest, you can calculate some fees depending on your user level and Kodexa staking. (Fees for maintaining the platform, awarding good performing basket managers, enforcing further growth in number of users as well money invested).

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