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For Beginners

Learning a new type of investment is always risky. We help you protect your money with our Token Baskets managed by professionals.

For Crypto BROs

Browse whitelisted tokens and managed Token Baskets to diversify your portfolio. Lean back and let our pros do the hard work.

For Professionals

Create and manage Token Baskets and onboard capital easily. Add another income stream as a Token Basket Manager.

How To Get Started
On Mosaic Platform

Own a digital crypto wallet, like Mosaic Wallet

Available USDT to invest

18+ years old

Not US Resident

Basic Understanding of Decentralization

Basic financial knowledge

Kodexa Token Ownership

Signed first transaction

Choose a Basket
that fits your Strategy

Token baskets contain several cryptos bundled together into a new crypto asset. The pre-defined rule set of the basket token is fixed in smart contracts. The basket token is managed as a single asset. 

The Token Baskets are managed by professional Token Basket Managers. Managers have the right to change the basket’s composition at any time.

They Are Professionals.
Let Them Do The Hard Work.

Become a Creator

Are you a hardcore trader or asset manager? Create and manage Token Baskets and onboard capital easily.