Factors affecting the exchange rates

Cryptocurrencies are trading instruments, and thus their exchange rate is determined by supply and demand. They are more similar to shares and securities, rather than currencies, as their price movement is more demand-driven, with no monetary policy or central bank backing them. The supply of most cryptocurrencies is determined when they are issued. The algorithm […]

Trustless or Trusted platform? Which is better?

The revolutionary invention in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is DecentralisedFinance, commonly known as DeFi, which is the umbrella term for decentralised financial services and the associated applications. These are implemented on trustless platforms, which do not require a trusted intermediary to execute transactions, hence the term trustless.  In other words, this means that […]

Hot wallet vs cold wallet.

“Hot wallet” and “Cold wallet”, what do they mean and how do we use them?   Many of us have heard of the terms, but few of us understand what the difference between the concepts really is. Basically, there are two different types of cryptocurrency wallets to choose from, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. […]

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